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  Season Writers' Room

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Season One
Writers' Room Initiative
Table Read

JUNE 16th, The Art of Cinema Excellence Foundation awarded season one of its Writers' Room Initiative participants with a Certificate of Completion to (From L to R) Shanequa, Dana, Diamyn, Courtney and Ralondo.

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The Art of Cinema Excellence Foundation has been dedicated to providing unique and engaging content to viewers since its inception. We strive to create content that educates, enlightens, and entertains audiences all around the world.

One of our most recent projects, the Writers' Room Initiative, was created to give emerging screenwriters an opportunity to learn from industry professionals and develop their craft. Our goal is to build a supportive, collaborative environment for writers to explore their creativity and hone their skills.



"Obvious laughs and a wide

range of character structure, multiple people with multiple dynamics that work well with each other with different cultural backgrounds."


"Sad it's over, had a lot of fun. Enjoyed the depth of each character and storyline, 10  out of 10"

Screen Shot 2023-11-11 at 10.46.06 AM.png

"So much fun reading the script, interested in Gigi and Alana with finances."

Screen Shot 2023-11-11 at 10.35.23 AM.png

"Loved the story being in Detroit, Loved the comedy in it and how easy it is to relate somewhere."

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  Season Writers' Room

Ingeborg C_edited_edited.jpg

Ingeborg is a WGA member, She oversees the operations of I.C.E. Dreamed Films and The Founder of ACEX Foundation. Ingeborg enjoys writing sports dramas, comedy and action genres.


Shanequa Reed_edited.jpg

 Shanequa is a graduate of Virginia State University with a Bachelor of Science degree focused in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. A Dallas native and a member of Delta Sigma Theta. Shanequa favorite genre to write is drama and sci-fi.


Courtney Gee.jpg

Courtney is a graduate of Chapman University, a skilled writer whose hoping to bring her creative talents and ideas to her next role as a Staff Writer. Courtney's favorite genre to explore is Comedy.




Diamyn is a student at California State University of Northridge, currently studying Business Law. She holds an Associates Degree from College of the Canyons in Business Administration. Diamyn is based in Los Angeles and enjoys Action, Sports and Science Fiction genres. 

Ralondo Shumate.jpg

Ralondo is a graduate of Dominican University with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology/Criminology. He is a songwriter and producer in the music industry. Ralondo enjoys comedy and action genres.


Dana DeVestern.png


Dana is a student at Rider University, a performing art major, acting and filmmaking. Dana  enjoys Action, Sports and Science Fiction genres. 


Writing in Notepad

“Greatest part was hearing everyone's voices being put into the characters.”

Acex Staff Writer Rolando Shumate.jpg

— Rolando, Staff Writer

Writing on a Paper

“Really strong pacing, nice knowing when the scene begins and when it's too short so you get enough out of each moment instead of being stuck there.”

Acex Board Member Arthur Fishel.png

— Arthur Fishel, Acex Executive Board Advisor

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