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11136 Chandler Blvd. Suite 379

North Hollywood, CA 91601



The Art of Cinema Excellence Foundation's Writers' Room Initiative



1. Are there any fees or cost to participate in the program beyond the application fee?
    No, there is no additional cost or fee for participation in The Art of Cinema Excellence Foundation's Writers' Room Initiative beyond

    the application fee.

2. How long is the training program?
    The program is a 15-week training initiative designed to provide hands-on experience in television writing.


3. Can international applicants apply for the Writers' Room Initiative?
    At present, the program is open to underserved communities in the local area. We recommend checking for updates on eligibility

    criteria for international applicants.


4. What genres or themes are covered in the program?
    The program is open to various genres and themes. The specific details may vary, and participants will have the opportunity to

    contribute to the development of material for a television show.


5. Can I apply for the program if I have had feature/television writing optioned, in

   production, and or are already a WGA Member?
    No, this is a training program that is open to aspiring writers without television writing credits.


6. Is there flexibility attending in person/remote? What is the attendance policy?
     Yes, there is flexibility. We meet Monday - Wednesday from 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm PST. The first 3 weeks are in-person, and afterward,

     attendance can be remote. It is voluntary, but 2 unexplained absences will result in an automatic withdrawal from the program. This

     policy is in place to respect everyone's time and ensure the collaborative effort remains effective.

7. Is there any assistance provided for securing representation after completing the

     While the program focuses on training and hands-on experience, networking opportunities may arise. Participants are encouraged to

     showcase their work and consult with industry professionals affiliated with The Art of Cinema Excellence Foundation for guidance on



8. How are participants selected for the Writers' Room Initiative?
     Through a panel of Judges that review the submitted work.

9. Will I maintain the rights to all the work I write in the program?   - The organization maintains the

     rights to sell and/or produce the work created in the room. Each writer will earn proper writing credits towards joining the WGA and

     deferred payment upon a sale or if the organization produces the series. Writers retain the rights to showcase their written episode for

     representation but not to sell independently. If there is interest in the created work, consultation with the Acex Foundation is advised.

10. Are there legal documents regarding the rules of my participation and the rights

      to my work?   - Yes, legal documents such as WORK-FOR-HIRE, NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), and NOTICE OF

        TENTATIVE WRITING CREDITS will be provided. These documents ensure that you receive proper credit, payment, and residuals for

        your work, should it be produced by ACEX or OPTIONED by another party. It is essential to review and understand these

        documents before participating in the program.

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