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Lauren A. Hill
Executive Board Advisor
Retired, Director of Diversity & Human Resources

Lauren has over 20+ years of Human Resources experience in the heath care industry. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism/Communications from Wayne State University. She has led numerous councils and committees that align corporate goals and objectives with diverse community and minority business development needs.

Arthur Fishel III.jpg

Arthur Fishel III
Executive Board Advisor
Production and Development Consultant

From studio backlots to classrooms, the wheels are always turning with this creative problem-solver. With years of experience producing content, Fishel has a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget, including narrative and documentary, scripted and unscripted series, commercials, branded content, and live events. He is a highly adaptable filmmaker and leader, adept at wearing multiple hats in a fast paced environment with ever changing deadlines and budgets.
An accomplished filmmaker, over the last decade Arthur Fishel has expanded his palette by working in content creation for Education, Direct Response Advertising, Publicity, and Social Media Marketing. Originally hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Arthur's midwest origins have impacted his dynamic approach to filmmaking.

Chris Purnell.png

Christopher E. Purnell
Executive Board Advisor
CEO, Chrispy Studios

Chris is the CEO of Chrispy Studios and lead editor at I.C.E. Dreamed Films. Chris hails from Southwest Philadelphia. He is an experienced, graphic designer, cartoonist, photographer, and TV producer. Most know him as the producer of the #ZoWhat? Morning Show and the Voice of Reason show on DASH Radio as well as The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show on Youtube. He spent some time learning the ropes and making connections in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, California. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Media Arts & Animation from The Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Whitney+Taber ACEX_BOARD.jpg

Whitney Taber
Executive Board Advisor

Director of LA Chapter, Girls Make Beats


Whitney Taber started in the music industry over a decade ago taking a job as the Executive Assistant to Rihanna's Creative Director. Shortly after that, she began working for one of Billboard's top 25 Recording studios in the world the Record Plant; working with the music industry's top artists such as WiIl I Am, Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X, Prince, Justin Bieber, Pharell and Beyonce.  Being the only woman in the building for 10+ years, she worked her way up the ladder from intern to Studio Manager and eventually became the Vice President.

      During those 10+ years she stayed immersed in her own creativity along with her love for helping others, she explored other avenues of the entertainment industry. Becoming a TV and radio personality, she began producing and hosting with internet based start up Dash Radio and All Def Digital.

      Her passion and purpose collided in 2017 when she became the Los Angeles Chapter Leader for Girls Make Beats. With GMB, she  helps to create opportunity, representation and change in the male dominated music industry while also being an example of great things women can achieve with the right leadership to ensure the next generation of women and music will be heard, represented and respected.

      Ms. Taber is the the very proud LA Chapter leader along with Head of Podcast production for Girls Make Beats! With the 2020 launch of her creative agency, Pretty Funny Productions, she is jumping back into radio/ podcasting, content creation, Television, and Audio Production. Ms. Taber is now producing shows such as The Girls Make Beats Podcast, The Plug Radio, and Creative Convos. Her mission is to continue making quality content to help move conversation and the culture forward, while creating bigger opportunities for people to think, grow and create freely.



Ginell Rogers
Non-Profit Consultant

CEO, Rogers Signature Consulting


Rogers Signature Consulting is designed to assess and build sound organizational infrastructure that leads to the success of creating profitable businesses. By evaluating and assessing core operational documentation, each review creates and keeps the entity accountable to the mission and vision created to assist clients, the community, and the stakeholders they serve.  Success is not only quantified through the increase of dollars but through documented strategic development. 


Darius Lane 2_edited_edited.png

Darius Lane
Marketing Director
CEO, Advent Mechs

Darius is the CEO of Advent Mechs and Marketing Director for ACEX Foundation. Darius is a native of Kalamazoo, Mi. An established life coach that has a built his brand from the ground up utilizing the most effective social media strategies at his disposal. With several years of platform management and social media analytics under his belt, he creates content necessary for any brand to flourish. Darius holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Davenport University and a certified personal trainer.

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