The “Filmmaker Fundamentals” Production Assistant Training Program assists low income communities in getting their foot in the door of the world of film and television. We offer this program in partnership with I.C.E. Dreamed Films, Chrispy Studios, Rose Capital Group, currently. No previous production experience is required. We’re looking for individuals who are ready to learn and eager to work.




We serve students currently enrolled in community college who face significant barriers launching their careers. Our students are not only passionate about TV & film, but committed to building a long-term career in the industry. The ideal applicant is an aspiring filmmaker ready to learn and work hard, from set etiquette to hands on production. We screen several applicants each year for about 60 training slots, so please fill out our intern assessment form first. 



The training program is 10 weeks long, part-time, evening sessions. Our base of operations is the Los Angeles metropolitan area but we occasionally hold training on outside of Los Angeles.


Participants who successfully complete the program receive 1 year of job placement assistance, career mentorship, and support as they work their way up the ladder. All ACEX Foundation training programs are free of charge. However, trainees must be able to cover their personal transportation to and from training and/or job search. We provide stipends.




Trainees are placed into jobs as Production Assistants (PAs) on set and on location for film, television, commercial, and music video productions, where they provide support to the rest of the crew. PAs often:

·       drive crew to and from set

·       pick up equipment

·       purchase production supplies

·       perform “lockup” so that pedestrians don’t walk onto the film set

Almost everyone in the industry starts out as a PA. Trainees often move up into more skilled positions in specific crew departments.




I.C.E. Dreamed Films

Chrispy Studios
Rose Capital Group

Rogers Signature Consulting